Moments that last

The most remarkable moments in life are often ordinary ones with our favorite people.

Lifestyle Packages is aimed to families, friends and groups of people who want to make memories together while having them registered in photos.

Your living room, a garden, a park or any other indoor/outdoor location can be the background of those moments. The focus here is people, your people, and the precious time spent together.

Lifestyle Packages

Mini session

1-hour session on location*

5 high-resolution retouched images**

CAD$ 150

Keep it Simple

1-hour session on location*

12 high-resolution retouched images**

CAD$ 250

Just Enough

1-hour session on location*

20 high-resolution retouched images**

CAD$ 325


All digital files are available in jpg (minimum of 10 additional clicks).

*Anywhere inside the city of Montreal, Canada. For other locations please get in touch.

**Additional retouched images are available in all packages at CAD$20-30 each, depending on the work required.