Your online identity matters

Building and fostering a solid online image that is true to yourself and aligned with your goals is as important as promoting your brand in person.

Personal Branding packages will bring you high-quality photographic material for website, blog and/or social media channels and may include production assistance to pick a suitable location and prepare the scenario for the session.

The “Portrait” session is a great choice if you need new profile photos for your social media, website or blog. "Start your brand” package offers assistance with production/styling and more images for an initial presentation of yourself as a brand. And the "Full Experience” package takes your professional portraits to the next level with enough images of you within an environment and complete creative assistance with elements that better express your métier.


Personal Branding Packages

professional Portrait

1-hour session on location*

3 high-resolution retouched images**

CAD$ 150

Start Your Brand

1-hour session on location*

10 high-resolution retouched images**

CAD$ 250

Full Experience

1-hour session on location*

20 high-resolution retouched images**

CAD$ 325


*Anywhere inside the city of Montreal, Canada. For other locations please specify while booking.

**Additional retouched images are available in all packages at CAD$30 each.